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CES Asai 2015

Fitness Insider's Jonathan Miller Takes You to the Show Floor to Discover Fitness Technology at CES Asia 2015.

Jonathan Miller at CES 2015

“It was exciting to see so many innovative fitness technology companies exhibiting new products and the interest they received from attendees.”

– Jonathan C. Miller, Fitness Insider

CES Asia Fitness Wearables



Appropriately, it was the wearables section at the front of the exhibitor hall.

Intel at CES Asia 2015

Intel Inside
Intel Biopsort Earbuds

Intel was demonstrating their Biosport in–ear headphones by SMS Audio that deliver biometric monitoring and full, dynamic sound in a single device.

Smart earbuds feature a built-in optical sensor that monitors your heart rate without straps, wires, or batteries. It measures changes in blood flow through the capillaries for accurate heart rate detection.

EachPal Wearable

EachPal Wearable Pudding

EachPal's Marketing Assistant, Pudding Bu, demonstrated for me their SmartUFO SmartWatch which features WiFi, GPS, Activity and Sleep tracking for children, adults and pets. The SmartUFO watch has a companion app that is available in both Chinese and English and it retails for $140.00 USD.

EachPal Wearable

Misfit Wearables at CES Asia 2015

Misfit Wearables

Misfit is represented by Thakral Corporation Ltd in Asia who's brand portfolio includes Apple, Bose, Canon, Harmon Kardon, Lenovo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, and others.

Misfit Wearables Models with Shine at CES Asia

Misfit had a broad range of fitness technology on display including it's Flash, Shine and Swarvoski activity trackers, it's Beddit sleep technology and Bolt wirelessly connected SmartBuld which attracted a great amount of interest from visitors.

Misfit Wearables Models with Shine at CES Asia

G-Wearables at CES Asia 2015

G-Wearables Goccia

G-Wearables Dr. Cheng Guo at CES Asia 2015

Some of the most innovative fitness technology being exhibited at CES Asia 2015 was from Dr. Cheng Guo, CEO of G–Wearables.

G-Wearables at CES Asia 2015

G–Wearables gogo Sport Music Player is a set of wireless and waterproof earbuds featuring exclusive "Duet Play" technology that store 4GB of music with an integrated optical heartrate monitor.

Real–time speed monitoring, audio promoting. With the smart exercise plan and heart rate monitoring, you can workout more effectively.

You have got to see the gogo in action to understand the awesomeness:

YESHM Digital Body and Kitchen Scales

YESHM Body and Kitchen Digital Scales

YESHM Infinite Image Digital Body Scale

YESHM designs, manufacturers and sells a variety of innovative digital body and kitchen scales that are integrated with apps to promote health for the entire familiy.

YESHM Sliding Start Digital Kitchen Scale

Unique features include the original the sliding startup way and self–lit touch–panel keys.



ZEPP Labs at CES Asia 2015

Zepp is a company of athletes. (Once an athlete, always an athlete, right?) But more specifically, we're athletes who are driven by science and innovation. We began our journey with a simple quest: to bring meaningful data to sports. That soon expanded into a broader mission of helping athletes improve their performance, boost their confidence and reach their maximum potential. Because data alone is not enough. That's why, at Zepp, we are committed to developing the advanced 3D visuals, actionable insights and interactive training tools needed to truly transform your game.

Welcome to the future of wearable sports technology.

Leader Radio Technologies

Leader Radio Technologies Limited ("LRT") is a leading distributor of innovative communication and IT products in Greater China and Asia Pacific, offering an inspired collection of the most sought–after gadgets from internationally recognized brands. Most of the brands have been carried by LRT for more than 8 years and LRT built each brand from close to zero recognition to become local market leaders.

With its strong marketing network and extensive relationships with major retail channels in the region, LRT's portfolio of products are being sold in nearly every corners of the market. Some products have even become the #1 bestseller according to renowned market research firms such as GfK and NPD.

Jonathan C. Miller, Founder of Fitness Insider

Jonathan C. Miller, Founder of Fitness Insider Wearing Brainno

Let's not forget about mental health...

At the end of the first day of the show I got to test the BRAINNO wearable that measures brain activity and stress levels, displays your data on an app and offers programs to help improve your brain condition.




DOUBWIN Visitors

Chinese "Intelligent Technology" company DOUBWIN had a large variety of fitness technology on display at the show which attracted a great amount of visitor interest.

DOUBWIN Activity Trackers

The DOUBWIN offering included a wide variety of activity trackers confirming interest in consumer fitness technology in the Chinese market.

Garmin at CES Asia


Garmin visitors

Garmin has a large presence at CES Asia 2015 which also attracted a lot of visitors.

Garmin vivoactive smartwatch

Garmin demonstrated for me their vivoactive GPS SmartWatch with built–in sports apps, including GPS–enabled running, biking and golfing plus swimming and activity tracking, let you view your stats even when away from your phone

Taihuoniao at CES Asia


Taihuoniao Skin Technology

Amongst the many fitness–related products and technology on display by Chinese company Taihuoniao was a device that measured your health by taking a picutre of your skin which had a companion app that, among other things, recommended the level of skincare protection a user needs on a given day.

MEE Audio

Many companies were promoting the fitness capabilities of their products.

TomTom at CES 2015


TomTom Multi–Sport Cardio

TomTom demonstrated their new multi–sport SmartWatch at CES Asia 2015.

TomTom Multi–Sport Cardio

See real-time training information

See your distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt at a glance.

–Heart Rate Monitor
–One–Button Control

Nordic Wireless

Nordic Semiconductors

Nordic provides the technology that powers many fitness devices and equipment via ANT and Bluetooth Smart solutions.

Alto Tech at CES 2015

China's Answer To Google Glass: 'Cool Glass One' Wearable For A Fraction The Price

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Google is about to be really flattered. A Chinese company has unveiled its answer to Google Glass, the tech giant's most recent foray into wearable technology, with Cool Glass One.

Alto Tech Cool Glass One

Dozens of people lined up to try Alto Tech's Cool Gall ONE

One thing that is drastically different is the price: Shanghai news blog reported Cool Glass One will range from $300 to $500, far less than Google Glass, priced at $1,500.

Business Insider reported that besides the look of the product, the specs are pretty similar too. Cool Glass One features a touchpad on the side to allow users to physically control the device by swiping through the interface. The Cool Glass One camera can take photos and record videos at an impressive 1080p HD quality, compared with Google Glass' 720p. Unlike Google's option, which is compatible with both Android and iOS systems, Beijing Palo Alto Tech's version of the wearable can be used only with phones using Android operating systems

Ing Dan

If you were impressed with the robot in 'Big Hero 6', keep an eye on Ing Dan, China's largest hardware IoT innovator who's partners are working on a broad array of health and fitness solutions including Health Robots and Fitness Trackers.

Fitness Technology is a large and growing opportunity in China and Western Fitness Technology companies need to be aware of the competitive threat coming from Asia.



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Article by: Jonathan C. Miller

I am first and foremost a fitness fanatic! I love exercising and eating right. Labeled a 'gadget freak' at an early age, I have channeled my disposition for technology into a passion for FitTech. My job is to provide the FitTech Knowledge you need to run your business. email

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