Dai Manuel

Dai Manuel

Let me ask you a question – do you have any favorite apps or devices you use to help you track and manage your health and wellbeing? I'll let you know a few of mine later in this post.

A recent Ipsos Reid poll commissioned by Fitness Town, Western Canada's leading provider of fitness equipment, polled 987 adults online from the Lower Mainland and uncovered the main factors we feel our jobs inhibit our fitness.

Fitness Town

From a family perspective, nearly half (46%) of the Metro Vancouver parents polled claimed their kids are the most active members of the household. The survey also revealed that 57% of parents say they are less active as an adult than when they were a child, despite 33% claiming their parents set a positive example of a healthy and active lifestyle which positively affected their lifestyle choices today.

Those who say they are less active as adults, claim a large part of their inactivity is due to work and family obligations.

The Top 5 Excuses (Bad Habits in Disguise) that parents provide for not exercising regularly

  1. My time is taken up with the children 76%
  2. Lack of time due to work/social obligations 74%
  3. Not a priority 21%
  4. Lack of physical ability 18%#37;
  5. Financial reasons 16%

Balancing work, family, social commitments and fitness is challenging for everyone, I know as a full–time father of two young girls. Incorporating fitness into your daily lifestyle is not only important for your wellbeing but it is also proven to help increase your alertness and overall career satisfaction. The best way to stay active and set a positive example for your children is to plan family fitness activities for the family such as weekend hiking trips, cycling excursions and home fitness challenges. By making fitness a part of everyone's lifestyle, you won't have an excuse to skip out on your own fitness.

Ironically, 95% of Metro Vancouverites claim they believe it is important to set a positive example through a healthy and fit lifestyle for their children. However, only 15% incorporate regular fitness into their family's lifestyle.

How to leverage technology to get more active

I asked you earlier if you have any favorite apps to help you track and manage your health, fitness and well-being? I have a ton.

Samsung Gear Fit

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Telus to try and play with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 with Gear Fit activity tracker (uber awesome tech toy!). Admittedly I have to say it is awesome! I've had a chance to play around with the combo, and they're just loaded with features to help you keep tabs on your activity and overall health.

Thankfully, Telus provides in–store, online and offline LEARNING SPECIALISTS to help us get the most from our mobile products and technology. They helped me a ton with learning the device's ins and outs. I highly recommend reaching out to one when you are ready to pickup your Samsung S5.

I've also had a chance to play around with some of the other features and I'm loving every one of them... 3 key feature that really popped out at me:

  • A great camera: The GS5 features a 16MP camera with the world's fastest auto–focus (0.3 seconds), HDR and selective auto&38211;focus to capture all those special moments.

  • Speed: The GS5 features an innovative Wi&38211;Fi technology for boosting data speed, Download Booster, which bonds Wi–Fi and TELUS' 4G LTE Network simultaneously, allowing consumers to experience what&339;s trending now at blazing fast speeds. It also features fifth generation 802.11ac Wi–Fi MiMo.

  • Protection: The IP67 dust and water resistant GS5 is protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water and dust. Additionally, Ultra–power Saving Mode gives users up to 24 hours of battery life on only 10% of a charge – making sure you are always connected when you need to be.
BTW – it passed my 500 burpee test! I had sweat all over the phone, dropped it twice and it kept going and going and going... and tracked my whole workout flawlessly! Super awesome in my books!

Dai and Team

The bottom line is, mobile technology can really help you stay on top of your wellness and health routines, and can actually help you keep track of your progress as well.

Here's 3 Tips to Keep You Healthy, Active and Fit

  1. Get Social (on and offline) / Be Sociable (Motivation/Accountability)

  2. Do what makes you smile / HAVE FUN!

  3. Tech Tools for Goal Planning/tracking, Accountability, Scheduling and workouts


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Article by: Dai Manuel

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