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What does it take to be named Fitness Insider's FitTech of the Year? First, it must be a disruptive product that has potential to effect a sea change in the fitness industry. Fitness Insider's FitTech of the Year must introduce innovative technology and/or make use of technology in a way never before seen. Fitness Insider's FitTech of the Year absolutly must be Socialized and Gamified. To win the FitTech of the Year Award the product needs to appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers. And,finally, Fitness Insider's FitTech Product of the Year must be a quality product, from a company lead by a team of pioneering entrepreneurs with the ability to create a long-term, sustainable business.

The Peloton Bike Story


Peloton was founded with one simple but ambitious objective: to give Peloton riders the most fun and effective workouts in the world, whenever and wherever they want them.

By 2010, The Peloton Bike founder, John Foley (ABOVE), and his wife, Jill Foley (LEFT), and had become addicted to fantastic boutique indoor cycling classes: the instructors, the music, the energy, the friends, the motivation, the inspiration, the whole experience.

No other workout combined so much cardio, so many burned calories, and so much fun!

“A study of the indoor fitness equipment category showed a huge disparity between boutique indoor cycling class workouts and those you could get by putting a piece of indoor fitness equipment in your home.”

– John Foley

The Inspiration

The Peloton team believes that folks don't want an indoor cycling bike. They believe people want the indoor cycling experience, the intense and engaging class content. As such, they set out to build the Peloton bike, a bike that allows you to experience a dripping-sweat, high-energy, live or on-demand cycling class from your home, anytime you want.
The Peloton Bike

They didn't reinvent the in–home bike, they just made sure to put the best materials and technology into Peloton.

Designed from the ground up by Peloton in NYC, the Peloton bike merges high–design with modern technology.

There's nothing else like it.

With a near–silent belt drive system and a magnetic resistance flywheel, this bike rides smooth and quiet.

And its carbon steel, monocoque construction provides amazing strength and stability all while maintaing the gentle curves that make Peloton a perfect addition to any room in your home.

The Peloton Bike is a handsome piece of interactive fitness equipment, that fulfills an un–met need in the fitness industry, integrated with cutting–edge streaming video technology. It was designed in a consumer–centric manner, like IDEO, is vertially integrated, like Apple, and has a recurring business model, like Amazon.com.

Jonathan C. Miller, Master FitTech Trainer


Say goodbye to your gel seat cover. The Peloton Bike's uniquely contoured seat provides an especially comfortable while maintaining a high performance profile.


The strong, built–to–last belt drive gives riders a remarkably quiet ride that feels spectacturlarly fluid. Belt drive means that users will never need to oil or grease a chain.


Elegantly designed The Peloton''s frame is made from durable carbon steel and aluminum with monocoque construction. The bike's beautiful curves and high'tech design make a welcome addition to any room in the house.


Employing a neodymium rare earth magnets, the Peloton's resistance system never touches the flywheel so it has no wearing parts and will remain strong. Simulating a real bike, the resistance gets smoothly tougher as you pedal up inclines.


The Peloton Bike features a 21.5" Full HD 1080p multitouch screen powered by a 1.5Ghz TI OMAP 4470 dual-core processor with built–in WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, 2x 3 Watt stereo speakers and includes ANT+ wireless & Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Peloton's first-in-class 21.5" Full HD, multitouch console connects to your home WiFi to deliver live and on demand studio cycling classes from the best cycling instructors – anytime.

There's nothing like the motivational power of a group class. A great instructor, the right music and the energy of a crowd coalesce into a unique experience you couldn't get from home, until now.


“It may sound dramatic, but given this unbaringly cold winter, my new job as a mother and working, Peloton has most definitely improved my quality of life by providing me with inspiring instructors, challenging rides, quality technology and did I mention I don't have to leave my home?!”

– Jessica Papasofoklis
The Peloton Experience

The Peloton homescreen provides quick access to fantastic classes broadcast to you live or on demand. Choose your favorite instructor, class type, or find a ride that's popular with your friends. Live classes are broadcast from Peloton's studio in NYC on a regular basis each day and new on demand classes are always added to the on demand library so you can get a great workout anytime.


8-10 live streaming classes each day to give you the full experience of riding with a group. Don't be surprised when the coach calls out your name to encourage you at home.


Ride on your own schedule. Join an on demand ride and you'll compete in real time with the riders who've taken the same class.


Access your total ride history and a full breakdown of all your ride metrics from the bike or on the website.


A fully–immersive studio class experience, complete with metrics, leaderboard, and video chat – all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.


An outdoor adventure is right at your fingertips with a virtual ride through iconic trails and landscapes across the globe.
A Smart Bike That Lets You Stream Indoor Cycling Classes at Home

During live classes, the instructor sees a leaderboard of everyone who's tuning in remotely. She can watch their metrics and call people out by name to give them the feeling of being in–class.


“Received my bike yesterday and took my first ride. Unbelievable, start to finish. I'm a tech analyst by trade so I know how challenging it is to pull something this ambitious off with a small team, but I have to say you surpassed all my expectations (which were already high).”

– Gur Talpaz

The Peloton App

The Peloton App gives you unlimited access to live and on–demand Peloton Rides anytime, anywhere.

It's free for a limited time so it coudn't ne easier to give Peloton a try.


This is a great app. I'm loving the quality and that I can exercise at home but still be pushed by an instructor, in a sense (since I don't have the full fledged Peloton bike). It will still be worth paying for classes when I need a little extra motivation – just not what they charge at their studio in NYC.


This is a fantastic app for a great spinning workout in your own home. I have tried others and I thought I was getting a good workout, but these workouts show me what I was missing! Great classes, great instructors.


Thank goodness for this app. I love going to my spin classes, but due to work and childcare I can't go as often as I would like. My Christmas gift to myself was a spin bike for home (not a paleoton bike- too expensive) and this app keeps my rear in gear. The music is great and the fact that it is free is amazing.

“To Marion and Nicole - All those 85–90% resistance climbs paid off! Did a 200 mile, 3 day bike ride on VT back dirt roads recently, with lots of hills. The Peloton training and classes made a huge difference. I kept hearing you guys say 'go to places you've never been to before.' Well I did, both literally and figuratively. Thanks for the help!”

– Tom Clavelle

While you're busy pedaling away, The Peloton A/V team is working hard to broadcast each and every class LIVE to riders at home!

The Peloton studio is equipped with three HD Sony PTZ cameras and one robotic Telemetrics HD track camera. In concert, these cameras provide gorgeous sweeping views of the Peloton coaches and the energy of the room.

The Peloton Studio

Whether you live in New York or Hawaii, The Peloton NYC studio is your studio. It's the flagship and where they film all of the classes for the live stream and on–demand library.

The Peloton studio offers amenities unlike any other. The lounge area is the perfect refuge where riders can enjoy Jack's Stir Brew coffee, juice, and healthy snacks. Luxurious locker rooms, free shoe rentals, bottled water, and a fashion–forward boutique complete the experience.


8-10 live streaming classes each day to give you the full experience of riding with a group.

Including; Metrics, Theme, Pure Peloton, Peloton Endurance, Rhythm, Garmin–Sharp, Peloton Power and Pelotone.



Lisa's love for cycling began outdoors in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania, where she and her family often went mountain biking. However, it wasn't until she moved to New York City to attend college at New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business that she became hooked on indoor cycling, with a passion that quickly led her to the instructor podium.


The music or THE BEATS, are the driving force in Cody's class at Peloton. He believes it is high energy and soul lifting music that allows us to find inspiration that nurtures our growth and allows us to achieve our change together.


Having been immersed in both ends of the indoor cycling spectrum, Christine is thrilled to be a part of riding from her roots, as a part of 'The Peloton' and teaching classes that strike the balance between digging deep and getting lost in your joy.


For Hannah, Peloton inspires her on a daily basis to push harder and to take each moment as it. Her ride focuses on progress – not perfection. She encourage riders to strive for technique because it is then that riders can discover their limitations, and defy them together!


Kim is excited to be a Peloton Coach because he knows first–hand the impact that indoor cycling can have on his physical and mental well–being. After a ride, he is floating on air for the rest of his day. He is energized, focused, confident, and at peace.

The Verdict

The Peloton Bike has everything it takes to be named Fitness Insider's FitTech of the Year...

A truly disruptive product, The Peloton Bike is reinventing interactive cycling equipment AND group x classes.

It is the first in–home exercise cycle to offer LIVE streaming and on–demand classes in the comfort of riders' home.

Riders of The Peloton Bike can invite other riders to join a ride, video chat with coaches & riders, challenge friends to rides and check the leaderboards to see who is winning challenges.

The Peloton Bike can be used by both beginner and expereince riders, youth & adults whether they prefer to join a LIVE streaming class, invite friends to ride together from home or take a solo ride thre scenic VR landscapes.

The Peleton is a high quality bike featuring a comfortable high–performance seat, near-silent belt drive, durable carbon steel and aluminum with monocoque construction, neodymium rare earth magnet resistance system and a21" full HD 1080p multitouch screen.

The Peloton team are leading the industry by revolutionizing not one, but two important sectors within the fitness industry, they are visionary entrepreneurs that have developed a platform which can easily be extended into other areas of fitness equipment and created a business model with multiple recurring revenue channels.

Congratulations to John & Jill Foley and The Entire Peloton Team for Having Won Fitness Insider's 2014 FitTech of the Year Award!

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