Just in case you are flying down from USA to India, be rest assured to see a wide difference in physical appearance of Homo Sapiens in this part of the world. You are sure to misjudge and not able to categorize a 45, Year Male, whether to put him in Obese, Fit, or some other category whereas in USA you are sure to spot an Obese person or Fit individual mostly.

Obese on a Plane

In India, it's bit different. The tummy's go larger than the rest of the body part. Generally abdomen, is where the fat collects and being Indian taking care of your health is considered to be an expensive affair, till now.

Obese on a Plane

Apart from that the Indian lifestyle is more focussed on eating rich oily, spicy food which just adds on to health problems. Adding to this other reasons for such health concerns are influence from developed countries of dining outside with physical inactivity job profiles.

Considering the impact in Indian society from Western world has changed few things for better. But surely the alarming rate of Obesity problems has grown over a period of time in the younger generations, owing to the lifestyle change.

McDondals Obese

Currently, 5% of population is affected by morbid obesity and experts consider it growing at an alarming rate.

Obese Indian Men and Women

According to a study published in the noted journal Lancet, India is just behind US and China in this global hazard list of top 10 countries with highest number of obese people.

Obese Indian Women

The study, “Screening India's Twin Epidemic,” surveyed a nationwide sample of nearly 16,000 participants, nearly half of whom had hypertension, or high blood pressure. More than a third had diabetes, and about a fifth had both conditions.

Indian Obesity Related Health Issues

According to WHO, people affected by Diabetes in India shall cross 100 million by 2020 and similar numbers for the heart ailment patients. Which surely is an important concern for India.

India always has been a big market for all verticals whether Food & Beverage, Health, Education etc. Right now only 0.5% of Urban Indian population has a membership in a health clubs by year 2018 it will go up to 17% which is a whooping number 7,14,07,980 approx.

Indian Health Clubs

Changing lifestyle is one of the ways to prevent health problems like, Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity which is reason for almost 80% of deaths in Low and Middle Income countries like India, according to WHO.

Indian Death by Disease

Health & Wellness has been the centre of attraction for Indian Start Up Investors too. This year apart from Food & Beverage, Health application have grown and performed.

There are applications like Practo, Prana HealthCare Enablers, along with Healthify who are trying to provide affordable solutions to masses in India.

Supinder Kaur, CEO Fitblink

“Lifestyle is the real cause for most of the health issues. Fitblink, is built after understanding the lifestyle of Indian market and shall enable it's users to form healthy habits and disrupt the health & wellness industry.”

– CEO of Fitblink, Supinder Kaur


National health portal by Indian government has also stepped in and focuses on providing various solutions ranging from providing doctors in rural areas to free check ups and support a healthy lifestyle by introducing Mobile and Web Apps.

Indian National Health Portal

Considering health as a serious concern, we do see a lot many changes in the Indian Market. We also see rise in organic food production in India in last 3 years with increasing demand.

There is a huge boom in fitness and yoga not only in USA but in India too. Another survey, from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, says more than 24 million U.S. adults practiced yoga in 2013, up from 17 million in 2008. That makes it roughly as popular as golf.

Indian Fitness Yoga

Yoga being an integral part of Indian heritage and living has been declared a tax free business, to promote the same and amend lifestyle for healthy living which can prevent disease like hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity & Chronic disorders.

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Sauraab @ Fitblink
Article by: Sauraab @ Fitblink

Sauraab is a fitness professional based in India where he serves as the Head of Business Operations responsible for managing and improving the operational systems, processes and policies in support of Fitblink's mission

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