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Wednesday, March 11th

More than a dozen people joined Fitness Insider's Master FitTech Trainer, Jonathan Miller,
for early–morning yoga with “The World's Coolest Yoga Instructor,” Tara Stiles streamed via Fitstar.

Wednesday, March 11th 9:00 AM


Friend or Foe to the Fitness Industry?

Physical activity tracking and prescription has been one of the fastest growing trends of the past few years. External consumer facing brands seem to be encroaching into the space of encouraging people to exercise without the need for a health club. These global brands have the eyeballs, they have the money and they have the reach to either disrupt or enhance the health club industry.

7 Amazing Statistics: Why Your Club Needs a Mobile App

It's official: the fitness industry has gone mobile. If your prospects and members can't find your club in a mobile friendly way on their smartphone, THEY WILL LOOK FOR YOUR COMPETITOR. Here are 7 surprising reasons why:

  • 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor
  • 61% of smartphone users make local searches from a mobile device
  • 70% of mobile searchers act within an hour; only 30% of PC searchers do
  • 79% of smartphone users use their phones to help with buying decisions
  • 64% of all mobile phone time is spent on apps
  • People bought 5 times more mobile devices than PCs and TVs combined in 2014
  • The average person spends a whopping 30 hours per month using mobile apps

These statistics bring the importance of mobile visibility for our clubs into glaring focus. In our industry, club owners are tackling the mobile space by launching branded club apps to increase community awareness, enhance the entire member experience and drive revenue.

For members that are already glued to their smartphones, a mobile app allows them to engage with your club 24/7. More specifically, members are using mobile apps to:
  • Register for group exercise classes
  • Refer their friends to the club
  • Participate in fun club challenges
  • Track workouts and fitness goalss
  • Request personal training
  • Purchase exciting deals, like discounted club merchandise
  • Receive push alerts with exclusive offers right on their phones

With the flood of fitness apps and devices like Fitbit and Runkeeper, it's now a requirement for any club that wants to succeed in 2015 to have their own app. Clubs who have their own app can even leverage those popular fitness tracking tools and integrate them into the app, all under the club's own brand. IHRSA members who have already launched their apps are seeing significant increases in member referrals, challenge participation and overall member engagement.

Exhibitors are just beginning to set–up for the trade show starting on Thursday.

Wednesday, March 11th 11:00 AM


Identify your market segmentation, with digital preferences.

Technology is now widely being utilized to impact adherence, retention and outcomes in exercise programming.

To succeed, fitness clubs must develop a member acquisition strategy utilizing FitTech, engage in new streams of social media and integrate technology into programming – driving anciliary reveneus and streamlining operations.

Engagement, Retention and Results are the cornerstones of success in the fitness industry. AFT makes your fitness product or service more effective.

AFT's advanced algorithms develop a deep understanding of your users and their individual goals. We use data create to personalized paths and motivations to achieving health and wellness. Resulting in lasting behavior change.

  • Cognitive technology that knows users and understands their needs.
  • Intuitive technology that provides powerful insights.
  • Intelligent technology uses data to deliver amazing results.
  • Social technology that creates fitness communities.
  • Gamification technology engages users and makes exercise enjoyable.

“AFT's advanced fitness technology enables equipment manufacturers, device companies and service providers to accelerate development, save costs, deliver maximum results and provide your customers a high return on investment.”

– Jonathan C. Miller, Master FitTech Trainer at Fitness Insider and Founder of Ambient Fytns Technology

LEARN how AFT's Advanced FitTech can benefit your
fitness equipment, device and/or service company.

Wednesday, March 11th 1:30 PM


Integrating Technology into the Management and Member Expereince.

Using technology (RFID, NFC, etc.) to integrate training systems, lockers, access control, manageemnt softwware, cashless payment and more to create an efficient and measurable experience for facility managers and your members.

Cecily Sommers on The Art of Reinvention

Cecily Sommers, Futurist and Global Trends Analyst, received a standing ovation for her presentation on "The Art of Reinvention" at the 6th Annual Women's Leadership Summit.

Sommers, author of the book "Think Like a Futurist", said, "The future is a faith–based venture. You have to have faith that what you're thinking of doing is worth doing and that you are the one to do it."

She noted that we find it difficult to change because we are wired for stability. But, we are always evolving so we must pay attention to the signals that tell us that it's time to change our form or role. You know it's time to change when you start feeling tension – unhappiness in your current form (role) and the pull to do something else, Sommers said.

She outlined 6 things that get in the way of change and how to deal with them:
  • Finding Fault (blame). Step away, release the "shoulds", reference the facts, and make a decision.
  • Arguing with Reality (denial). If something's not working, release the expectation that it will ever be different. Accept that you can't change it, and move on.
  • Needing to Know the Answer (fear). If you're doing something new, you're not going to know the answer. Release the need to know the outcome and commit to figuring it out as you go.
  • Focusing on Busyness (avoidance). To do lists outweigh the hours in the day. Give yourself permission to say "no" to the things you can"t fully commit to.
  • Whining (inaction). Venting is fine; just recognize that behind every complaint is a request – decide what it is that you want (your request) and do something about it.
  • Feeling Stuck (resignation). Know the difference between acceptance and resignation. If you are stuck, it's an issue of self–esteem and your lack of belief that you can change. Take small steps to find what you like doing. Ask for help if you can't find a way out.

“We are happiest when we are being stretched and contributing value,” Sommers added. “When we stop feeling stretched, we need to pay attention to what is calling us in a new direction.”

Wednesday, March 11th 3:30 PM


Disruptive Technologies and the Impacts to the Fitness indistry..

A panel discussion hosted by David Minton who offers 30 years expereince in the health and fitness industry. As Director of The Leisure Database Company based in London, Minton is widely sought after as a mentor analyst, advisor and consultant by a range of worldwide health and fitness organizations and leaisure investors.

Technology is transforming the fitness industry.

Fitness Apps and Wearables, Interactive Fitness Equipment, Business Management Systems, Online Marketplaces and New Social Media all represent oportunites for fitness clubs and professionals to acquire / retain members and clients, delvier better results and earn more money.

Those that do not adapt to the changes in the industry face the very real possibility of extinction.

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