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Nexersys is the Leader in Interactive Striking Products.

Nexersys is leading a revolution and pioneering the expanding Exergaming market. We are passionate in providing the best in technology and user experience with a focus on exceptional engineering to deliver premium products to our customers. Our goal is to change the fitness landscape by providing products that improve personal fitness and mental acuity via cloud based content and communities.


For Sport, Fitness AND Health

Established Ecosystem of Connected Solutions
ANT Wireless and the members of the ANT+ Alliance have created a vast array of products that together form a complete ecosystem of interoperable solutions for sport, fitness and health.

The ANT+ Ecosystem has quickly evolved into the leading source of connected solutions for many different market segments. Driven by the extensive capabilities of the ANT+ technology and the creativity of the ANT+ Alliance Members, the ANT+ ecosystem features an unparalleled array of dynamic and practical products.

Whether addressing an activity for an individual or a group, an application for sport or for health, the ANT+ Ecosystem continually delivers the peak of innovation to the market. Its successful is due to the strength of the ANT+ technology, the reliability of the ANT+ interoperable standard and the collaboration with global industry leaders.

Late Start this morning Quick TRX Workout on the Show Floor.

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I am first and foremost a fitness fanatic! I love exercising and eating right. Labeled a 'gadget freak' at an early age, I have channeled my disposition for technology into a passion for FitTech. My job is to provide the FitTech Knowledge you need to run your business. email

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