4 Home Fitness Apps you should download today!

Remember a time where fitness centres were open and your biggest concern was available space to have an uninterrupted workout? Now I find myself missing the tardy Trudy’s who found it acceptable to come in half way through a gym class or the greedy Gregory’s that would take up two benches during peak time because his phone really needed a seat.

Home workouts were traditionally believed to be seasonal fads that peaked in the winter months when people made New Year’s resolutions. Then came the day that ‘lockdown’ was announced due to COVID-19, where panicked gym goers, including myself, found ourselves scrambling to find home exercise equipment from fitness providers such as Decathlon, Bulldog Gear and other retailers, only to find that not a single Dumbbell or resistance band was left in stock.

At-home fitness revolution and tech-enabled fitness companies are now experiencing their highest demand ever and for good reason!

If you’re looking for motivation or need some ideas on new workouts using just your body weight, these 5 fitness apps are the one for you


Gymondo offer a wide range of disciplines such as HIIT, pilates, yoga, weight training & mobility programs for all fitness levels.


  • Can be used on a desktop, and available on both Apple and Android products.
  • Tailored meal planning.
  • Over 800 on demand recipes.
  • Easy online/offline mode allows you to train uninterrupted and without internet.
  • Limited time offer of 1 month free where you can access all features of the app.


  • 3 Different payment plans – No rolling monthly options.

12 months (Annual payment of £71.99).

6 months (Semi annual payment of £53.99).

3 months (quarterly payment of £35.99).

  • Only 200 workouts available.



Freeletics is an AI based coaching app that tailors workouts to your fitness goals whether you’re new to fitness or advanced.


  • Time based tailored fitness plans (6, 8, 12 weeks).
  • AI feedback, giving feedback on your training week to influence your next week’s workout.
  • Nutrition coaches available when purchasing the ‘coach bundle’. (Customised recipes and meal planning).
  • High community spirit where you can share your results and meet other ‘freeletic athletes’ all around the world.
  • 30% Initial discount on all plans.


  • No free trial offers.
  • Limited payment plans (No rolling monthly options).

12 Months – Annual payment of £112.49 (£78.74 W/Current 30% promotion).

6 Months – Semi annual payment of £82.49 (£57.74 W/Current 30% promotion).

3 Months – Quarterly payment of £49.49 (£34.64 W/Current 30% promotion).

Beachbody On Demand


The Beachbody On Demand (BOD) fitness app gives you access to Beachbody’s most popular and proven workout programs.


  • On demand workouts – exercise for as little as 10 minutes per day.
  • Offers a wide range of training disciplines – strength-training, cardio, yoga, dance, mixed martial arts, and other fitness workouts.
  • Connect your Apple Watch or Wahoo TICKR X tracker to BOD for continuous heart rate and caloric burn tracking during workouts.
  • Customised nutrition plans, access to recipes and meal prep tips.
  • Download workouts to train in offline mode.
  • Rolling monthly payment options – Cancel anytime.
  • Free 14 day trial available.


  • No AI technology for tailored fitness workouts.
  • Requires the latest version of iOS (12.4) for Apple products.

8 Fit


8 Fit offer unlimited workouts and exercise programs designed for long-term results in mind.


  • Varied classes like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, core, resistance band workouts, and many more
  • Customised meal plans for whatever dietary restrictions.
  • 800 nutritionist-approved recipes
  • New content added everyday.
  • Sleep meditation.
  • Free 14 day trial with access to all features of the app.
  • Less expensive than other competitors.
  • Offers a free basic plan where you can access basic workouts and tracking.


Only two paid payment plans

12 Months – Annual payment of £107.98 (£53.99 W/Current 50% off promotion).

3 Months – Quarterly payment of £26.99